Emerging Advocates Group: Judy Heumann

Sheila (Think College)
11 months agoOctober 18, 2021
Hey everyone, here is the transcript that goes with this video.

Liz Weintraub: I’d like to ask another question. How do you define advocate? 

Judy Heumann: I define an advocate as someone who is intentionally trying to help make a change, and who works with other people to discuss what the problem is, and looks at ways of helping to break down the barriers, either to enforce the law, or to give someone the strength to be able to speak up for themselves. Like I got a call last night from a friend of mine, she has a son with autism, and I find this very important that we need to support each other. And you know the school is, he's in middle school and they're kind of jerking the mother and father around, and I think she was calling as much to get support. Although she's a very strong advocate and won't let this go away, but sometimes it's just important for us, even though we believe in something very much, to speak to other people to use their ear to listen to get advice, and to keep going forward. I think advocacy for me is, you're willing to take a risk, and you're bringing something forward, that can benefit you and potentially other people. Thank you.
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